Why I'm joining Andwise as a co-founder

Why I'm joining Andwise as a co-founder

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

2023 marks my eleventh year working as a hospital medicine physician (and I can’t believe it has been 20 years since I first entered medical school!). I’ve been fortunate to have met my public health heroes and worked alongside truly inspiring and service oriented healthcare professionals. As the next stage in my career, I'm excited about becoming a founder at Andwise and building a company that is focused on helping physicians thrive. 

The pandemic years have proven to me that frontline healthcare professionals have unimaginable grit. I’ve witnessed what our colleagues in nursing, respiratory therapy, pharmacy, PT, OT, medical assistants and countless others across many departments have endured.

I’ve worked through the challenges myself as a full time practicing hospitalist. My views on the physician burnout epidemic and the staffing crisis are no secret. I worry that we aren’t doing much to take care of the healthcare team. Most physicians in training experience a lost decade (or more) where we neglect our own needs to take care of others. Once we become attendings this vicious cycle can continue forever and we find ourselves feeling stressed, exhausted and helpless. Some of us may also find ourselves not living our true purpose and struggling with what should be pretty basic financial milestones (like paying off student loans, saving enough or planning for retirement).

I am excited to be joining Andwise as a cofounder and I’m thankful to Kanav Jain for his vision in building a company to support physicians. He’s already assembled an incredibly talented and diverse inaugural medical advisory board of fifty physicians and I can’t wait to work with them.

Andwise will be a data driven non-clinical decision support platform for physicians so that they can optimize their own personal lives and financial well-being. We will connect physicians with the best possible legal, CPA, and financial advisory team and provide physicians the tools, knowledge and resources they need to practice medicine on their own terms.

There can be no healthcare system without healthcare staff.