Erkeda DeRouen, MD

Member, Andwise Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Erkeda DeRouen is a board-certified family medicine physician with extensive experience in telemedicine. She is recognized for her contributions as a healthcare consultant and keynote speaker, and she's actively engaged in bringing humanism to healthcare technology. Dr. DeRouen completed her family medicine residency at the University of Maryland after graduating from the Boston University School of Medicine. She's a thought leader in healthcare innovation, passionate about enhancing the integration of technology in medicine while focusing on underserved populations and lifestyle medicine. Dr. DeRouen has also made significant contributions to public discourse through op-eds and podcasts, where she discusses a range of topics including health equity and the impacts of COVID-19. She's affiliated with the University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center and has been recognized with the Tom Pollard Award for Humanism in Medicine by Boston University School of Medicine. Her work extends beyond her medical practice into realms of social justice as she serves on the board of Girl Develop It, Inc., promoting software development education among women and non-binary individuals.