Physician side hustles abstract graphic

Physician Side Hustles: A Practical Guide to Legal Compliance

Chuck Kable, JD


Financial goals, industry expertise, or a deeper dive into a specific area of interest can all be motivations for a side hustle.

Handshake representing negotiated first employment contract for an attending physician

Understanding Your Leverage as a New Attending

Chuck Kable, JD


Many new graduates wonder whether they have any leverage in their first negotiation and, if so, what kind. The answer is a resounding yes.

Illustration of a winding road, with contract negotiation pitfalls along the way for surgeons

Surgeon Contract Regrets: Top 8 Pitfalls and How to Navigate Them

Chuck Kable, JD


Learn the top 8 pitfalls in surgeon contract negotiations and how to avoid them. Gain insights and strategies to secure a contract that supports your patient care and well-being.

Whistle attached to a chain

Whistleblowing as a Medical Resident: Protecting Patients

Chuck Kable, JD


As a resident physician, you're dedicated to learning the intricacies of the healthcare system. Sometimes, this means encountering practices that compromise patient safety.

Knocking over a chess piece, winning the game

The Power of "No": Setting Boundaries and Asserting Your Rights in the Workplace

Chuck Kable, JD


Discover how to balance your professional obligations and personal well-being with Andwise's strategies for saying "no" in the workplace.

Neon sign displaying a handshake in dark background, symbolizing agreement

Renegotiate Your Success: A Hospitalist's Guide to Contract Optimization

Chuck Kable, JD


With Andwise, master contract renegotiations with our guide. Learn key strategies to enhance value, balance, and professional growth in your role.

A professional man in a suit and tie standing on a staircase.

Strategic Reframing: Negotiation Techniques for Physicians

Chuck Kable, JD


Explore strategic reframing in our guide designed for physicians negotiating their employment contracts. Learn to articulate your value in a way that resonates.