Financial Planning Simplified for Physicians: Harnessing "The Index Card" Approach

Tanya Frias, CFP®, ChSNC®


A man multitasking on his smartphone and laptop, checking the stock market for updates and information.

The Importance of Simplifying Your Financial Accounts

Varun Verma, MD


Streamline finances, mitigate risks. Simplify accounts for growth, ease. Learn how to manage effectively.

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Gearing up for Residency: Essential Tips for a Smooth Transition

Dhruvil Patel, MD


Congratulations on your residency match! This guide offers expert tips for a smooth transition into your program, including essential resources and wellbeing strategies.

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The Match Doesn't Define You

Varun Verma, MD


Don't let not matching define you! Explore options, from SOAP to alternative paths. Your journey is just beginning.

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Transitioning to a New Specialty after Residency: A Comprehensive Guide

Varun Verma, MD


This guide explores the challenges and strategies for transitioning to a new medical specialty after residency training.

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Returning To Work After Parental Leave

Varun Verma, MD


Returning to work after parental leave can be a daunting prospect for many new parents, especially those in demanding professions like healthcare

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Conquering Student Debt: Insights from a PGY-1

Dhruvil Patel, MD


Dr. Dhruvil Patel shares insights on managing student debt, highlighting Andwise's tools for financial empowerment and career growth for medical professionals.

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Exploring New Opportunities As Physician

Varun Verma, MD


Explore career transitions in medicine with Dr. Varun Verma's guide for physicians at all stages. Learn to leverage your skills and network strategically for new opportunities.

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What Do Physicians Need to Know about Modern Portfolio Theory?

Varun Verma, MD


Unpack the essentials of Modern Portfolio Theory and its relevance to physicians seeking to optimize their investment strategy and financial health.

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Physicians: Guarding Your Finances Against Tax Scams

Andwise Team


Gain valuable insights on protecting your finances from tax scams, with practical advice for physicians to recognize and avoid these fraudulent schemes.

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Physician Money Mistakes Part 2: My Journey to Avoiding Financial Pitfalls

Varun Verma, MD


Avoid common financial mistakes with lessons from a physician's journey. Gain insights into navigating your financial health with care.

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Preventing Burnout As a Hospitalist

Varun Verma, MD


Strategies for hospitalists to prevent burnout and maintain well-being. Tips for balancing the demands of work with personal health.

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The Pareto Principle

Varun Verma, MD


Maximize efficiency in medicine and finance with the Pareto Principle. Learn how focusing on the vital few can yield significant results.

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Overcoming FOMO in Personal Finance: Stay True to Your Financial Path

Varun Verma, MD


Combat FOMO in your financial life with strategies to stay focused on your goals. Essential reading for physicians seeking financial peace.

Why Chasing Credit Card Rewards Is A Waste Of Time For Most Physicians

Varun Verma, MD


Rethink the pursuit of credit card rewards. Understand why it may not be the best strategy for physicians seeking financial efficiency.

Unique Financial Challenges That Physicians Face

Varun Verma, MD


Tackle the unique financial challenges of the medical profession. Our guide offers solutions and strategies for physicians at every career stage.

Should More Medical Schools Have A Personal Finance Curriculum?

Varun Verma, MD


Explore the critical need for personal finance education in medical schools. A compelling argument for preparing physicians for financial success.

The Power of Personal Finance Education: Helping Family

Varun Verma, MD


Empower yourself and your family with personal finance education. Discover the transformative impact of financial literacy.

Achieving Financial Success as a Dual Physician Couple

Rikki Racela, MD


Dual physician households face unique financial challenges. Explore tailored strategies to maximize your financial success together.

Switching Specialties During Residency

Varun Verma, MD


Considering a specialty change during residency? Navigate the process with confidence using our insights and advice.

Things To Consider About Locum Tenens Work

Varun Verma, MD


Explore locum tenens work with our in-depth guide. Considerations and benefits for physicians seeking flexibility and varied experience.

Unraveling the Mystery of Credit Scores: A Physician's Guide

Rikki Racela, MD


Demystify credit scores with our physician-centric guide. Improve your financial health with strategic insights into credit management.

Renting vs. Buying: How to Decide as a New Attending Physician

Varun Verma, MD


New attending physicians: unravel the renting vs. buying dilemma. Make informed housing decisions with our comprehensive guide.

Book Review: I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi

Varun Verma, MD


Gain insights from our review of 'I Will Teach You To Be Rich' and how its principles can apply to physicians seeking financial freedom.

Money Mindset for Physicians

Varun Verma, MD


Transform your relationship with money. Explore how a positive mindset can influence financial decisions and lead to greater wealth for physicians.

The Physician's Guide to Credentialing

Aalap Shah, MD


Streamline your credentialing process with our essential guide. Tips and strategies for physicians to navigate this critical step smoothly.

What Side Gigs Have Taught Me & Why I Recommend Them

Cherilyn Cecchini, MD


Explore the valuable lessons learned from side gigs. Insights and recommendations for physicians looking to diversify their income.

Celebrating National Doctors' Day - Highlighting Challenges That Physicians Face

Varun Verma, MD


This National Doctors' Day, we delve into the challenges physicians face and celebrate their resilience. Join us in appreciation and support.

Preparing for the Unexpected: Emergency Funds for Physicians

Varun Verma, MD


Ensure your financial security with an emergency fund. Learn why it's essential for physicians and how to build one effectively.

What to look out for in Physician Employment Contracts

Varun Verma, MD


Arm yourself with knowledge before signing your next employment contract. Key considerations for physicians to ensure fair terms.

From Side Hustle to Success: Turning Your Side Gig into a Thriving Business

Sylvie Stacy, MD


Physicians, turn your side hustle into a success story with our strategic guide to growing your business alongside your medical career.

A Medical Student’s First Contract: the GME Residency Agreement

Dhruvil Patel, MD


Learn what to expect and how to navigate your first GME residency agreement as a medical student. Essential insights for a smooth transition.

Steps to Building Wealth - A Guide for Newbies

Saima Ali, MD


Begin your journey to wealth with our step-by-step guide. Essential reading for medical professionals new to personal finance.

Job Contract Negotiation: Non-Salary Items to Consider

Jennifer Bepple, MD MMCi


Maximize your job offer by negotiating beyond salary. Learn what non-salary items you should consider to enhance your contract terms.

How I Lost $50,000 by Relying on My Financial "Advisor": Physician Money Mistakes part 2

Rikki Racela, MD


Learn from a physician's costly mistake with financial advisors. Get tips to avoid similar pitfalls and protect your investments.

Achieving Financial Freedom: One Physician's Algorithm

Joseph Saveika, MD MBA


Explore one physician's personal algorithm for achieving financial freedom, offering insights and strategies for managing finances effectively in the medical profession.

Exploring Early Retirement as a Doctor: Advice from Fellow Physicians

Varun Verma, MD


Consider the possibilities of early retirement as a doctor, with advice from peers who've navigated the challenges and opportunities of stepping back early.

Short term rentals—What could go wrong?

Varun Verma, MD


Delve into the potential pitfalls of short-term rentals, providing physicians with a cautionary overview of what to watch out for when investing.

To Err is Human: Physician money mistakes, part 1

Varun Verma, MD


Reflect on common financial missteps made by physicians, offering a candid look at the lessons learned and how to avoid similar errors.

Choosing a Hospital Job: Physician Contract Mistakes to Avoid

Varun Verma, MD