Jennifer Bepple, MD, MMCi

Member, Andwise Medical Advisory Board

Jennifer Bepple
Jennifer Bepple

Dr. Jennifer Bepple, MD, MMCi, stands out in the medical community as a board-certified urologist and Chief Medical Officer with a deep commitment to enhancing healthcare through technology. Her educational background includes a medical degree and residency in urology from Eastern Virginia Medical School, complemented by a Master of Management in Clinical Informatics from Duke University. Dr. Bepple's dedication to digital health innovation is evident in her roles as a medical advisor for Verana Health, Chief Medical Informatics Officer at Virtucare, and Chief Medical Officer at Allai Health.

Recognized for her contributions to telehealth as a "Top Clinician to Follow in the Telehealth Space," Dr. Bepple actively engages in the intersection of medicine and technology. Her work focuses on developing digital health solutions that prioritize patient care while leveraging the potential of Artificial Intelligence and Informatics. As a member of key associations such as the American Telemedicine Association, American Urologic Association, and American Medical Informatics Association, she champions the advancement of digital health practices.

Furthermore, Dr. Bepple's involvement with Ohana One, a non-profit organization that utilizes Virtual Reality technology for surgical training globally, highlights her commitment to improving medical education and international healthcare standards. Her extensive licensure across states like Illinois, Tennessee, Montana, Virginia, and Maryland underscores her broad impact on the healthcare system, both within traditional medical practice and innovative healthcare technology solutions