Internship Opportunities at Andwise for Premed Students in 2023

Premed students, advance your career with an Andwise internship. Gain invaluable experience in finance and healthcare in 2023.

By: Andwise Team

Published: Apr 3, 2023

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✅ Medical Students

Are you a premedical student looking for an incredible opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the world of healthcare technology while earning a competitive stipend? Look no further! At Andwise, we believe in preparing the next generation of medical professionals by offering unique internship opportunities designed to develop valuable skills and foster connections with leaders in the field.

In this blog post, we'll go over the two amazing paid internships available at Andwise, and how they can significantly impact your medical career.

Healthcare Technology Research Internship

As a Healthcare Technology Research Intern at Andwise, you will:

  • Work directly with our Chief Medical Officer and Medical Advisory Board to identify and evaluate emerging healthcare technologies, such as GPT-4, that have the potential to revolutionize patient care and medical practice.

  • Conduct user research to understand the needs and challenges of healthcare professionals, and evaluate how new technologies can address these issues.

  • Collaborate with our product development team to provide insights and recommendations based on your research findings, helping to shape the future of healthcare technology solutions at Andwise.

Community Management and Content Creation Internship

As a Community Management and Content Creation Intern at Andwise, you will:

  • Engage with our growing community of healthcare professionals, fostering meaningful connections and facilitating discussions on the latest trends and innovations in healthcare technology.

  • Create compelling content that informs and educates our audience about new technologies, medical research, and best practices in healthcare.

  • Work closely with our Chief Medical Officer and Medical Advisory Board to ensure that our content is accurate, relevant, and valuable to our community.

Why Join Andwise?

By participating in one of these paid internships, you'll not only bolster your resume but also demonstrate a commitment to innovation and a proactive approach to learning. Medical school admissions committees often seek well-rounded candidates with diverse experiences and skills, and our internships provide just that.

In addition to hands-on experience and skills development, you'll also have the chance to network with healthcare professionals and be a part of a community that values innovation and collaboration. At Andwise, we're committed to revolutionizing healthcare, and we want you to be a part of our mission while earning a competitive stipend.

Stipend and Benefits

We believe in rewarding our interns for their hard work and dedication. That's why our internships come with a competitive stipend and additional benefits, including:

  • A monthly stipend to support you during your internship

  • Opportunities to earn sizable, early-stage equity compensation

  • Access to networking events and professional development resources

  • The chance to make a real impact in the healthcare technology field

How to Apply

Ready to embark on this exciting journey with Andwise? Applying is simple:

  1. Fill out the application form, providing your personal information and selecting your preferred internship

  2. Upload supporting documents, such as your resume (transcript optional but not required)

  3. Submit your application

We encourage all eligible premedical students to apply for these paid internships and take advantage of this amazing opportunity to advance their medical careers. Don't miss your chance to be a part of the future of healthcare technology and earn a competitive stipend!

For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our team at

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Physicians face unique financial challenges, from managing student loans to planning for retirement. At Andwise, we understand these challenges and are committed to guiding you through every financial milestone with the help of Tanya Frias, CFP®, ChSNC®, our Director of Financial Education and Empowerment.

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