Welcome Ishmael Williams - Marketing and Community Growth Lead

Meet Ishmael Williams, our new Marketing and Community Growth Lead. Learn about his vision for expanding the Andwise community.

By: Kanav Jain

Published: Aug 7, 2023

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Ishmael Williams (he/him) recently joined Andwise as the Marketing and Community Growth Lead, where he will be responsible for creating and executing marketing campaigns, developing social media strategy, conducting market research, and building relationships with stakeholders. 

Prior to joining Andwise, Ishmael gained experience as a Career Counselor at a vocational school in southeast D.C. and as a Doctoral Diversity Program Scholar at Johns Hopkins University. With a varied background, Ishmael brings a wealth of knowledge and skills that will be invaluable to our team. 

Ishmael is a magna cum laude graduate from Howard University, where he studied nutritional sciences and chemistry. While enrolled at Howard University, he completed a work-study program with the Veterans Affairs Medical Center for three years; traveled to South Africa, Peru, and Ethiopia; held leadership positions in numerous organizations; and conducted research at Harvard University and the National Cancer Institute.

As a former pre-med student, Ishmael is passionate about Andwise's mission to educate and empower physicians to take control of their financial health. In his own words, "Andwise simplifies the complex world of finance for busy physicians." 

Outside of work, Ishmael enjoys traveling, trying new restaurants, strength training and spending time with loved ones. We're excited to welcome Ishmael to Andwise and can't wait to see all the great things he will accomplish. 

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