A digital image of a net worth calculator displaying financial figures and graphs.
 A digital image of a net worth calculator displaying financial figures and graphs.
 A digital image of a net worth calculator displaying financial figures and graphs.

What Doctors Are Using for Budgeting and Net Worth Tracking

Discover the tools and techniques doctors prefer for budgeting and tracking net worth. Practical advice for managing personal finances.

By: Andwise Team

Published: Jan 12, 2024

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The discontinuation of Mint by Intuit has left many professionals, including doctors, searching for reliable financial management tools. Many physicians swear by YNAB (You Need A Budget) for budgeting and for Empower for the best net-worth visualization out there. Let's continue exploring some of the most popular alternatives that are helping physicians with budgeting and net worth tracking.

It’s important to be aware that some are free (i.e. likely sell your data as a means of monetization) and some have a small annual fee.

If you want to see a detailed comparison of fees etc. a Reddit user put one together.


Copilot is a newer entrant in the personal finance management space, but it's quickly gaining popularity, especially among tech-savvy doctors. It offers a personalized approach to finance, allowing users to categorize transactions and track spending against custom budgets. Its user-friendly interface and predictive budgeting features make it a great choice for doctors looking to streamline their financial tracking with a modern, mobile-first approach.

Credit Karma

While Credit Karma is primarily known for its credit monitoring services, it also offers useful tools for budgeting and financial tracking. Many existing Mint users are pretty ticked off that much of their data doesn’t carry over - even though Intuit owns CreditKarma. Some other doctors find its insights into credit scores and suggestions for financial products tailored to their credit profiles particularly useful. While it's not a comprehensive budgeting tool in the traditional sense, its value lies in helping doctors understand and improve their credit, which is a crucial aspect of overall financial health.

YNAB (You Need A Budget)

YNAB (You Need A Budget) is a popular budgeting tool known for its unique philosophy of "giving every dollar a job." This approach is particularly effective for doctors who want to have meticulous control over their finances. YNAB encourages users to actively manage their money and plan for future expenses, making it an excellent tool for doctors who want to build a more proactive relationship with their finances.

Empower (Formerly Known as Personal Capital)

Empower, previously known as Personal Capital, has emerged as a popular choice. This platform is particularly well-suited for doctors who want a comprehensive view of their finances. Empower offers a mix of budgeting tools and investment tracking, making it a versatile choice for those who have multiple income streams and investments. Its ability to provide a holistic view of your financial health is a big draw, especially for busy professionals who need to manage their finances efficiently. I find it has the best net worth visualization out there (even better than my Vanguard account!)

Monarch Money

Monarch Money offers a clean, intuitive interface for doctors who want a straightforward approach to budgeting and net worth tracking. It allows 2-player mode (ie. a spouse or partner can see your dashboard), and has a strict privacy policy. 


Quicken provides detailed reporting capabilities, appealing to doctors who enjoy deep financial analytics. Their mobile product called Simplifi is offering a 1 year free trial to Mint users who upload their old data.

The Good Old Spreadsheet on Excel

For those who prefer customization, an Excel spreadsheet allows doctors to tailor their budgeting and net worth tracking to specific needs.


With the end of Mint by Intuit, a variety of budgeting and net worth tracking tools have risen to prominence, each with unique features and benefits. From the personalized approach of Copilot, the credit-focused tools of Credit Karma, the proactive budgeting philosophy of YNAB, to the established platforms like Empower, Monarch Money, Quicken, and the versatility of Excel spreadsheets, doctors have a wealth of options to manage their finances effectively. The key is choosing a tool that aligns with individual financial goals and preferences, ensuring seamless and efficient financial management.

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