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By: Andwise Team

Published: Apr 7, 2023

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At Andwise, we're a team of experienced professionals dedicated to empowering physicians with the knowledge and resources they need to make well-informed non-clinical decisions.

Kanav Jain, Co-founder and CEO

Kanav has been building products that make life better for physicians for over a decade. His tenure as Product Manager and later Head of Mobile Product at Doximity (2013-2017) saw the birth of game-changing tools like the Doximity's Career Navigator, and the sustained viral success of Doximity Dialer Voice. Kanav earned his MBA specialized in Finance and Tech at NYU Stern in 2019 and invested in early-stage tech. At Andwise, his deep insights into mobile product development, married with a decade-long understanding of physicians' needs, ensure the platform is both innovative and user-centric.

Follow Kanav on Twitter at @KanavJain or find him on LinkedIn.

Varun Verma MD, Co-founder, Medical Advisory Board Chair

Varun is an internal medicine physician and public health advocate with extensive experience working in hospitals and a deep understanding of the challenges facing medical professionals. With over a decade of experience at 14 hospitals including UCSF, the Brigham, Jefferson, and Bellevue. He is dedicated to building solidarity and community among physicians, and along with his wife, a dermatologist, is a passionate advocate for the physician-patient relationship.

Follow Varun on Twitter at @VarunVermaMD or find him on LinkedIn.

Tanya Frias, CFP®, ChSNC®, Director of Financial Education and Planning

With over two decades in Financial Services, Tanya brings a wealth of experience, including 13 years as a CFP, to Andwise. Formerly the Chief Financial Planner at Freeman Capital, she's passionate about financial accessibility for underserved communities. Tanya's credentials include a B.S. from City University of New York and CFP certification from NYU. She's currently enhancing her skills in Kellogg @ Northwestern’s Executive MBA program. (LinkedIn)

Ishmael Williams, Marketing and Community Growth Lead

Ishmael brings to Andwise a distinguished background in counseling, mentoring, and diversity advocacy, alongside academic achievement in nutritional science and pre-medical studies at Howard University (DC). His commitment to education and health amplifies Andwise's mission. Ishmael shapes our brand's voice, nurtures our community, and drives physician membership growth. (LinkedIn)

Dhruvil Patel, MD, Product

Dhruvil is an incoming med-peds resident at U Chicago and a valuable member of the Andwise team. With his extensive knowledge of the medical field and commitment to supporting healthcare professionals, Dhruvil is dedicated to helping physicians achieve financial independence through personalized financial education and resources. (LinkedIn)

Last but not least…

We also recognize the contributions of Ankur Roy, Glen McClain, JD, Waleed Ali, Aarav Badani, and Chandni Pari Jain in contributing to our operational, product, data, and strategic efforts along the way.

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